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Enjoy the break!

Have a lovely Summer break, stay safe and have lots of fun. We are looking forward to seeing you all in September and hearing all about your Summer adventures.

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Otters - Mr Webb

Croeso i Otters!


The class teacher for the Otters class is Mr Webb.


Our topics this year are:


Autumn Term:

Castles and Kingdoms- We will be exploring Norman Castles and kingdoms and learning about the famous historical people of this time such as, William the Conquer and King Harold Godwinson.  We will also learn about famous historical events such as The Battle of Hastings in 1066 and Halley ’s Comet in 1066. We will have an opportunity to interpret symbolic meaning as represented on the world famous Bayeux Tapestry and raise questions such as, What did the Normans believe that Halley’s comet means and has science changed how we think about natural phenemonon? This will lead us beautifully into our new topic which is star gazing.

Star Gazing- This exciting topic will allow the children to engage with modern science and begin to develop their own scientific curiosity by raising their own questions about space and time. We will begin this topic by having a visit from a local planetarium which aims to capture the interest of every child. We will look at what science currently understands about earth other planets and the solar system and aim to understand the mysterious that science has still not uncovered. The link between time and space is an extremely complex concept but we will begin to touch upon it which will link into our next topic which is time travel.


Spring Term:

Time Travel- This intriguing topic will allow the children to think about time travel. Scientifically, do we think it will ever be possible? Is time just a man made concept or does it exist beyond us? This topic will also serve to spark our imaginations and influence our writing with questions such as, would you choose to go forward or backward in time? What would you change? Who would you meet? We will also have the opportunity to engage with the creative arts, such as imagining what the future of our world will look like and demonstrating this through the medium of expressive arts, poetry and craft.  We will be learning how to eat healthily and why and how we can look after ourselves. We will then use our growing imagination for our next topic which is Alchemy Island.

Alchemy Island - This topic encourages the children to use their imaginations while honing their scientific skills. We will be plotting out maths skills to develop a map and co-ordinates of Alchemy Island and using music to express ourselves.


Summer Term:

Pharos- We will have the chance to explore the Pharos within this topic. We will learn about the mysteries of the ancient pyramids and use this topic to inspire our own writing.

Beast Creator - We finish the year with a lovely topic that explores the mini beasts within our environment. We will then use our scientific understanding of these beasts to create our very own mini beasts. We will use technology to help us create our very own 3d mini beasts. We will let our imaginations run wild by writing about our very own mini beasts too.


Homework and PE:

Our Homework day is as and when informed by Mr Webb and our PE day is a Monday.  Please ensure children have PE kit in school at all time.  Kit will be sent home at the end of each half term for washing.


Additional information about our class:

Swimming: Could the children please bring in £2.50 a week towards the cost of the bus? Please provide the children with a piece of fruit for after swimming or they can bring in money to buy fruit if that’s easier.  Can all children please wear uniform on a Friday as any other day! I am extremely proud of how the children have conducted themselves so far at swimming and have already received positive feedback from the swimming staff.   Global Collaboration: Our children are extremely excited because we have been partnered up with a school all the way in Colorado, USA. This is our opportunity to use technology to collaborate on a global scale.  As a Teacher I am very pleased to offer the children in my class this opportunity because it will give the children the digital skills that they will no doubt need as technology seems to be making our world smaller and communication to collaborate much easier.   As the class teacher I aim to ensure that every child truly understands that they are a valued member of the class and school as a whole. Year 5 is going to be a wonderful and rich learning experience for all us!


Do not hesitate to contact Mr Webb if you have any questions, however big or small.