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Summer Break

Have a most wonderful Summer break, be safe and have lots and lots of fun! Good luck to Year 6 on your next adventure, enjoy every second! We are looking forward to seeing all our children move up a year in September and meeting all the children who will be new to the school!

Classes | Foxes

Foxes - Mrs Lang

Croeso i Foxes!


The class teacher for the Foxes class is Mrs Lang, with her is Mrs J Hayward,  Miss T Wood, Miss H Davies, Mrs S Cotterell, Mrs N Peddle..


Our topics this year are:


Autumn Term:

Will you read me a story?- Was the Big Bad Wolf really so bad?  How many bowls of porridge did Goldilocks eat? In this topic we will be finding out about fairytales, goodies and baddies!

Can I switch it on? - How does it work? Can we switch it on? In this topic we will be finding out about technology and how it works


Spring Term:

What’s that sound?- What’s that sound? Do you like things to be loud or quiet? In this topic we will be finding out about familiar and unfamiliar sounds and music.

Why do Zebras have stripes? - Why do Zebras have stripes? Where do lions live? In this topic we will be finding out about Africa and the wild animals that live there.


Summer Term:

Are we there yet?- Which vehicles move quickly? Can you ride a bike to Australia? In this topic we will be finding out about transport, travel and places near and far!

What is a reflection? - Why can I see myself in a puddle? Are a butterfly’s wings the same? In this topic we will be finding out about reflections and symmetry.


Homework and PE:

Our Homework day is a Friday and our PE day is a Wednesday.  Please ensure children have PE kit in school at all time.  Kit will be sent home at the end of each half term for washing.


Additional information about our class:

Children can bring in 30p a day to buy a piece of fruit from the school.  Children can have hot or cold dinners for £2.30 a day.  When children are given their reading books, please ensure they are returned on specified day so that their books will get changed. This day will be written in the front of your child’s reading record.


Do not hesitate to contact Mrs Lang if you have any questions, however big or small.